I blogged on the Work For All site about hip hop artists, Black Union, who from Nova Scotia, where I was born and raised. The treatment and displacement of the Black community in Africville in Halifax is a despicable part of our history, and this video/song captures the essence of systemic racism and injustice. Directed by Cazhmere a talented local music video director, who seems to make creative videos that keep it real to the Halifax rap scene. Big respect to this director and the artists he works with.


Uh oh… This American Life has a wicked new iPhone app…. You can stream every Ira Glass moment you could ever want on this.

Amazing for those metro transit rides, great for inspiration for doc filmmaking and storytelling, and great for procrastinating. I love it.

This video on how to reproduce the news segment formula was too good to not bite from Boing Boing. Charlie Brooker is hilariously accurate. Sent to me via Matt Forsythe.

Three Mothers, the short film by Daniel Schachter that I produced with Peripheria Productions, won the A & E Short filmmaker’s category The National Screen Institute of Canada online film festival last week! Very exciting to see the film continue to be gets views and travel after over a year that we have had it on the festival circuit.

TIFF announces their top ten Canadian film picks today. Including Montreal first time filmmaker, Zavier Dolan’s J’ai tué ma mère , as well as Jacob Tierney’s The Trotsky. Also, the NFB and Cordell Barker’s Runaway was given the head nod as one the best short films of the year as well. If you’re in Toronto you can check them out in January.

I found this beautiful short animated film, The Lost Tribes of New York City, on “Why that’s Delightful!”. A unique take of the everyday citizens that make up the diversity of New York City. A interesting combination of documentary and animation that makes this film a wonderful mid day experience. I originally posted this on the Work For All, the NFB new media project that I am working on.

Here’s a post I made for the project I am line producing for the NFB, called Work For All.

Traditional media seems to be rendered practically useless during the Iranian election aftermath.  President Ahmadinejad announced his victory over rival Mousavi in this heated election, where many are questioning the validity of this result, and what it means for Iran and the world.

Alongside, and overtaking the media coverage on the eleciton are many social media tools like, blogs (like Terry Flew), Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are giving the world an unfiltered or less filtered look at what many in the world are looking at a huge step backwards for Iran.  Social tech site, Mashable made this analysis on how these social web tools are being used.

Presidential candidate Mousavi can be found on Twitter, and  reporters at BBC have to film undercover, as their tapes have been confiscated, and are disseminating their coverage on Youtube.

Also, the social and political web community are critiquing many major news organizations on their coverage of the election in Iran as not a true depiction of what the citizens of Iran are saying and experiencing.  The hashtag #CNNfail was trending on Twitter this week.  This shows the power of citizen journalism during an ever changing and turmultuous political climate in an age where over coming censorship and disseminating news is in the hands of the individual.

This is the NFB documentary film, A Tree that Remembers, by Iranian Canadian filmmaker, Masoud Raouf.