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Hi there, it’s been long overdue, but this blog should be considered closed. I am currently producing at Prospector Films, and have been since 2010. You can find more info on the films and series I am working on at Thank you all. All the best,


Future plans.

Hi there! I am currently in development with several awesome projects that I am producing, including the feature comedy Breaking the Band, and the short comedy, Sorry, Rabbi by Mark Slutsky.  In the documentary land, Colour is in early development and as always Snacker TV. Hope you are all doing smashing this 2011, and for more frequent updates check my Twitter.

The Colour of Beauty is a short documentary about racial discrimination in the fashion industry.

I produced this film as part of the Work For All series. I originally posted this on the WFA blog.

Director Elizabeth St. Philip follows a young and fiercely talented Black model, Renee Thompson, as she navigates the fashion world as a visible minority.

This film asks: Why isn’t the multi-cultural society that we live in reflected in our magazines, on billboards and on the runways of fashion shows?  And who are the parties involved in this industry’s lack of diversity?  Does the answer lie somewhere in the back rooms of fashion magazines or in the offices of casting directors of fashion shows? Is it something that is discussed at advertising agencies, or between designers and modelling agencies?  Whatever the answer, the fact is that models of colour work less, and their chances of success are very low.

And what do you think? Work For All in partnership with Schema Magazine is launching a quest for
your stories about how racism affects the world of fashion
.  And, we are launching a live event with our other partner The Museum of Vancouver. Find out more about this contest and event at Schema Magazine.

Racism in the Fashion Industry

While making this film, we found many examples of racism in the fashion industry.  Take the L’Oreal scandal in
France, where it was felt that the French woman would not be represented by a model without white skin.  Or the famous “Black issue” of Italian Vogue that made headline news in 2008 and sold out in 72 hours.  Some saw this as a turning point for Black models, but others considered it a poor apology for the lack of diversity at Milan’s fashion week and a token gesture to models of

We also wanted to show the responses to bold moves by the fashion industry to be more culturally inclusive. For example, the Sikh Model who caused a buzz among fashion professionals and the Sikh community. There are also many in the
industry who actively want to change the face of fashion, like Norwayne Anderson of NAM Agency in Toronto, and Dallas Logan, an acclaimed photographer who speaks candidly about why we do not see more Black women getting the
high-end campaigns.

How Does this Racism Affect Young Women?

Many questions that we asked ourselves that did not make it into this short film.  Like, how do young girls of colour feel when they do not see their skin colour and their physical features celebrated as beautiful?  And when we do see a non-white woman spokesperson for major product campaigns, why is she so often a singer, or actress – someone with another role in the media (e.g.Beyonce, Queen Latifah, Rihanna)?

We knew it was important to hear from the models themselves – the women working and struggling in this industry who are not getting a chance to speak for themselves.  We are very proud to have talented Canadian model Renee Thompson, someone with drive and a passion for her work, be the main character of this film.

So what do you think – is there racism in the fashion industry? And in an industry that many dismiss as a frivolous and
decadent, what discussion can we have around race and representation?  I hope you enjoy the film.

Uh oh… This American Life has a wicked new iPhone app…. You can stream every Ira Glass moment you could ever want on this.

Amazing for those metro transit rides, great for inspiration for doc filmmaking and storytelling, and great for procrastinating. I love it.

Let's go steady.

Let's go steady.

So, After a long time of neglect, I’ll be breaking up with my blogspot blog, and dating this wordpress blog.   Will be looking to design something more apropos and original for my site, and will hopefully be a much better BFF (Blog Fucking Frequently) to this one.   Let’s hope that the honeymoon lasts longer than a few weeks.

This will be a musings of my projects, ideas, and updates on what I and others I know are working on.  I am currently a line producer for the NFB’s new media project, Work For All .  In development for an online television station with Prospector Films, and trying not to neglect several other script writing commitments for short documentaries and fictions.   Juggling my work, walking my dog, and tweeting about random things, usually to do with bacon or cheese, I live and love my home and community in Montreal.  Even when it’s cold, I try not to get too passive aggressive with her, and just clench my teeth when the snow blows side ways.

Okay, enough on this, here goes friend.  Let’s take a plunge together.