Reckless Tortuga is a crew of hilariously funny filmmakers, producers and actors who make some of the best anti-racism material online right now. A breath of fresh air form the usual victim stories of racism, that are though very valid and poignant, often do not leave the viewer with a sense of what the problem is, and where it stems. Through simple story-lines, they get there point across, in a funny way that all non-white people can relate to. The language is sometimes harsh and to the point, and that’s what the videos do. They get to the heart of everyday racism in North America and the frustration that minorities feel when they encounter these seemingly innocent acts.

Racism in America – Episode One looks at the racist stereotypes in a job interview, where Marcus played by Eric Pumphrey is a Black man plays the interviewee going to a regular ol’ racist company, where the receptionist asks that all time favourite question of visible minorities, What are you?

Enjoy, a great watch during Black History Month, and during any of the longer months of the year.